3 Easiest Way to Track your Order and Contact Blue Dart

When any business starts, it starts off as a monopoly, and gradually, competitors come in. Blue dart is one such company which started off as a monopoly 20 years back and though many similar courier servicing companies did come up, there couldn’t be anything as big and has efficient as blue dart. Blue Dart is delivering goods in more than 220 countries along with its partner DHL. Blue Dart is among the most trusted courier companies as far as security of the goods and parcels is concerned. Many of the ecommerce websites as well have selected blue dart for efficient and timely delivering of their parcels and deliveries.

Blue Dart has such a vast network and therefore it also becomes essential to have an equally efficient system for tracking the order and/or placing a complaint or query. Blue dart has some universal ways to contact them apart from the ones which are meant for a particular state only.

Blue Dart Customer Care Numbers


040 66151234

These are the telephone lines that Blue Dart has set up to help its customers. Call up on any of the numbers and you will be answered to with whatever questions you have with regards to the shipment. Even if you have any complaint to file, you can call on the same number and the company will make sure that they do something about it. The customers are always an integral part for a company and therefore, they do prioritize each and every customer and make sure that they are always satisfied. We have already mentioned the Blue Dart customer care numbers, check it.

Blue Dart Customer Care Email Address


Blue Dart can also help you deal with your issues via email. There are times when we prefer email over call, because it often gives more clarity to the users as well as the executives who deal with them. It is available 24 hours and rest assured your query will be answered to within 24 hours. You can not only reach faster, but you yourself will be able to get a better understanding about the shipment.

Blue Dart Web Portal (for tracking details)

You can as well simply go to their portal and get your shipment details. To track your order, you will have to simply enter the shipment or order number, and it will display the current scenario of the parcel. All the details will be right before you, and you need not call or email and wait to get an answer.