Benefits of Using ICICI Bank Internet Banking

ICICI Bank with more than 4500 branches and 13500 ATMs in India and around world and it is one of the top banking company in India. Here we are going to talk about the benefits of ICICI net banking. ICICI Bank is having its headquarters in Vadodara, Mumbai, India. It is having branches, subsidiaries and representative offices in more than 15 countries worldwide. It offers many services like Accounts, credit cards, insurances, pockets, loans and much more. ICICI bank is 2nd largest bank in India in terms of assets and 3rd largest in terms of market capitalization in India.

ICICI net banking

Every ICICI bank account holder will have an Internet banking account and mobile banking account with which user can operate their major banking features from internet and mobile. Users can transfer funds to others, pay bills and insurances directly from the account without need to visit any office, recharge and do online shopping from the mobile and pay the amount to respective merchants. Internet banking is a very useful service and is available for all the ICICI bank customers.

Online Shopping:

Users can purchase any products or services available online without any delay or extra charges. Users need to select all the products they need to buy and while placing orders you will be asked pay the amount with options like Debit card, Credit Card, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking etc. Select Internet banking and then select your bank in the list which is “ICICI Bank”. Once you click ok you will be taken to ICICI bank Internet Banking page where you need to enter your Login user name and password. Then you need to complete the transaction by clicking on the pay button. That is it you have successfully completed your online purchase.

Fund Transfer:

Users transfer funds to any other person having an account in a well-established bank in India and abroad. Users can use Fund Transfer, IMPS, Fund Transfer Abroad, and Send Money Order options to send money to others with or without an ICICI bank account. All these options work 24/7 and 365 days a year without any delays. All you need to have is balance in your account and you should know your login id and passwords.

Bill Payments and recharge:

Remember how difficult is it to visit all the offices like electricity office, water, Gas, Insurance offices and all other to pay an amount which you had in your hand. You need to stand in a long que for hours just to pay the money so your services will not be disconnected. Not anymore you can do all the Bill payments directly from your home or Office at any time you wish and thereby saving hours of your precious time and energy. Every government and private companies are now having their own websites with facilities to pay bills directly from the website.

Users can also recharge for mobile and DTH directly using Internet Banking by going to Payments and transfer and selecting Prepaid Recharge. Now you need to select your operator, enter mobile number and add amount to recharge and finish the transaction.

These are some of the major benefits of using Internet Banking by ICICI Bank.