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How To Download ShowBox for Android TV By a Simple Process?

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Showbox for ANdroid TV

ShowBox is an Android application which is not only prioritized for your Android phone but also you get to download the app on any Android device. Nowadays Android televisions play a major role for tech savvies. In this piece of write-up, we are going to talk about ShowBox for Android TV. By downloading the app on the big screen such as Android TV, ShowBox streaming app( will effectively offer you with delightful features of the app. With the inclusion of enriched contents alongside HD quality of videos, you can stream as many as infinity videos via the video streamer as well as downloader. Now let’s move on to the downloading method of ShowBox for Android TV.

Showbox for Android

Showbox for Android TV

ShowBox for Android TV: An Easy Tweak to Download

For starters, talking about Android TV, it’s a smart television developed and designed by Google. Initially, it was announced on June 25, 2014, the device can easily be built into both into stand-alone digital media players and TVs. With greater possibility, ShowBox for Android TV can easily be carried forward by some tricks.

1st STEP- First and foremost you have to open the browser on your respective Android TV initially.

2nd STEP- Second, now you need to download ShowBox apk and then open any site you trust from among the result section.

3rd STEP- As soon as you do that, then download ShowBox apk from the internet which should not take a long time as you will be offered with small sizes of the file.

4th STEP- At the fourth step you need to visit the home screen of your device. And then enter the “App Installer” application there.

5th STEP- Fifth, you need to select “Local Disk” from the menu and then search for the downloaded apk.

6th STEP- Open the ShowBox apk from the list.

7th STEP- Grant all the permissions and then press the ‘Install’ option.

8th STEP- In a matter of second you will notice the app to get installed.

9th STEP- Run the app after the installation is over. But hold on as ShowBox might take some time to get updated.

10th STEP- After all updates are done, enjoy the ShowBox for Android TV and be delighted with the services offered.

The Final Words

ShowBox for Android TV is not at all a hard-to-get thing. You can easily access with the process by the simple method that has been mentioned above. One of the most dedicated streaming and downloading apps, ShowBox serves the best services all around the globe.


Check Out How To Download Vidmate For PC!

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Steps to download Vidmate on PC

Remember the vintage technology whereby generations prior us, were offered with giant telephones? Remember how a gramophone made its way to everybody’s drawing room? But now that gramophones have become a bit too much of an antique thing let’s be honest of one thing, and answer wisely; who in this rat-raced world want to spend their “important’ time on antique pieces? Meanwhile, hi-tech sound recorders have replaced the once-possessed gramophones. Similarly, telephones got replaced by high-end smartphones; whereby we have been offered with apps like Vidmate(

Vidmate app features: Some of the key Features

For folks who simply don’t have enough idea of what we are talking about, here’s where we are going to narrate about Vidmate for PC. Make sure you are making the best possible effort in taking in all Vidmate related information. First, let us discuss the delightful Vidmate app features which are provided to its age-old users. People trust us when we tell you that Vidmate app is just not a video downloader, but something wider than that. From cult to the common, Vidmate app offers you the finest video contents, be it Hollywood or Bollywood, or even for the regional lovers; you will get all-out here!

For a newcomer, a user-friendly application is really an integral part of using the app. The Vidmate expertise takes the trouble to serve you exactly the same. We know, there are lots of newcomers who are reading this right now, for you guys, you will be beneficial of one more thing, i.e. Vidmate app absolutely is free, you don’t have to shed a single penny for the app. It just needs an internet connection for you to download your desired contents.

How to download Vidmate for PC

Vidmate for PC: A detailed Info

For Windows PC users, here’s a comprehensive guideline for you to follow in order to download Vidmate for PC. You will be acknowledged to know that you just need to follow the minimum system requirements for the app to get started on your Windows devices. Some of the system requirements are listed below:

Any of the mentioned Windows operating systems is required out of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. But what we recommend is either the Windows 8 or 8.1 or go for the latest Windows 10, as the Vidmate app works best in these preferred ones. Folks you must have an internet connection for this miracle app to work on your Windows PCs. Third and the most important part out here is that you need a 4 GB of RAM alongside at least a 5 GB of free storage in your C Drive. Fourth and the last one out here is 1 GB of Graphics Card to be required that must come up to date.

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Wrap Up

Now that you have noticed carefully what you need to download Vidmate for PCget the best Android Emulator available in the market and enjoy the free video downloading service via Vidmate.

Shareit Certainly Supports CLONEit – Check How to Use It

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File transferring platform, Bluetooth was unraveled several years ago which certainly became the most helpful part of the devices. The inbuilt app platform did help people from getting rid of file transferring woes and at still actually does. But many could not think that something more advanced than the Bluetooth could come into the picture someday. And we were certainly overjoyed when that happened.

For example, getting familiar with the platform of called Shareit was not believed by use when we downloaded in it actually. But now look at the app, it has gone way ahead to prove the consistency of the application. The speed which is given by the app is certainly very class apart and we could not ask for anything more better than the Shareit app actually. Apart from Bluetooth, files can also be shared through the messaging application called WhatsApp. But the speed and the facility which gets delivered when we end up sharing files through the Shareit is not only commendable but is also unbelievable. And thanks to all the tech gurus who made it happen by developing Shareit.

Whenever, someone would plan on installing some application related to file sharing or certainly falls under that category they look forward to an amazing speed and all the other features which are expected in a file sharing app. And Shareit surprisingly has everything for a person to fall in love with the file transferring application. Once you actually download Shareit APK you would even end up suggesting your friends to install the app so that even they could end up loving every facility provided by the application. However, Shareit, coming under the category of file transferring is a great platform and every other person who face the woes related to transferring g files should use Shareit.

However, people who end up having a lot of official work every day needs to send some important files to their colleagues on a regular basis. At times people need to send across those pivotal files as early as possible because the timing becomes quite important for them.

Therefore, Shareit would help people in this matter as the speed delivered to its users when they share the files is lightning and amazing to the power of infinity. Therefore, people have never really complained regarding the speed which has been delivered by the application called Shareit. However, apart from lightning and awesome speed, Shareit also provides some more features.

However the option of CLONEit is also available in the file sharing platform called Shareit and it is a great help for all the users of the application. However, CLONEit actually helps the users to let them copy each setting from one device to the other one which is actually great and really cool.

Therefore, people keep suggesting their relatives and also their friends to use the platform called Shareit. Shareit has been in the market for the past two years and its been doing a cool job since then for its users. Therefore, it is envisioned to continue with it in the near future also.

How to Transfer Money From Mobikwik to Freecharge

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Now it is really simple to transfer money from your Mobikwik wallet to FreeCharge. With the help of this process, you cannot directly transfer money from Mobikwik to FreeCharge, but you can do it in this way around.

But there is a small problem when you use Mobikwik. You can only transfer Rs.500 exactly. Nothing more than that or nothing less than that. Talking about the charges, they charge 4% commission as transaction fee. You can transfer this Rs.500 only once or max twice a month.

Freecharge Customer Care

So now let us see How to Transfer Money From Mobikwik to Freecharge.

  • The first step is that you need to download the Mobikwik app.
  • Now once you have downloaded the app, you need to login in into your Mobikwik account.
  • Now go to Menu > then click on Transfer > and then you need to click on Send To Bank

4.Once you click on that option, you need to enter the amount and then enter all your bank details such as account number, IFSC code and your account name as well.

  • Now simply click on send money and then you will be receive a OTP to your mobile number.
  • Here is the sample of the OTP which you will be getting.

OTP is sent successfully to your primary number ending in *******270. You should receive SMS within in 60 seconds.

Basically this OTP will be verified automatically or else you can open it from your mobile and then enter it manually. Once it is done, then click on send money.

So now once you click on send your money will be sent via IMPS, it stands for immediate payment service. This service is supported by all the major Indian banks such as SBI, ICICI, AXIS and HDFC as well.

So as soon as your money gets credited into your account you will be receiving a message like this.

Your A/c no XXXXXXX1094 is credited by Rs 500.00 on DD-MM-YY by a/c linked to mobile XXXXXXXXXX (IMPS ref no ..)

Here are a couple of things which you should consider.

  • You are allowed to transfer money from your wallet to bank account only twice a month.
  • Talking about the transactions, you can only transfer 500 per single transaction.

Talking about the total amount which you can transfer, it is Rs.1,000 per month.

  • Talking about the commission, Mobikwik charges 4% for transaction fee. That means you will be charged Rs.20 for Rs.500.

So now you might be wondering I have transferred money to bank but how can I transfer it to FreeCharge?

It is not directly possible to send money from Mobikwik to FreeCharge, so you need to first send the money to your bank account and then you need to add money to your FreeCharge account.

It is as simple as that, you just need to go to FreeCharge account and then click on add money. If you are still having any problem, feel free to contact to FreeCharge Customer Care