A Teaser of iPhone 7:


Apple is soon going to launch its newest member to the family and What we all know how Apple would like to unwrap the box of gifts, because now it has been a yearly tradition for Apple to launch their most selling iPhones or may be the month of September. like all the previous generations iPhone 7 is also being prepped in different variants. The market is going to witness a big restoration in the smartphone business. Expectations have totally been exceeded this time by the developers. They are taking it seriously about what and how the users like to go handy with their phones. Like any other iPhone series, iPhone 7 is going to be launched in five different variants which will be iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone Pro.

iPhone 7

Appearance: Surely slightly appealing than the previous version with a 4.5-inch screen and a 4K resolution. The most remarkably seen difference is that there are no antenna bars on the back side and I thought we are missing something like no audio output jack, but looks like it has been a modification in the newest edition and there would be no 3.5mm jack like in the previous versions. Another modification which looks slightly edgy that the camera is integrated like the smoothness around the lens is a massive revamp.

Space: the solid state storage or the base storage that will come with the iPhone is expected to be 32GB and more for a 64 and 128 GB version. Basically they added just enough space for the new applications to fit in in the tiny box that means more optimization.

Shades: The more colors Apple introduces the chicer it gets. Remember long time back when just old iPhones came with only black and white color, then it started coming with space back and sliver than addition of gold and rose gold color. The more advance it gets the quirkier colors Apple start to manufacture, but this time is the ultimate Deep blue color comes with iPhone 7.

Technical: the iPhone 7 will be fully loaded with A10 chipset and would be working with iSO 10. It will be having 2GB or RAM to make it work seamless. Apple has confirmed that this iPhone would the fastest of them all.

Estimated Value: this is a serious issue for people to buy this as its not affordable to everybody with this price tag. The initial iphone 7 price that would be starting at 60K and it would go up to 95K for a pro edition which could be having more storage on the other side may be up to 256 GB.

Well, all we can say is wait and watch till Apple drops the curtain to the new iPhone 7 series!!

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