How to Transfer Money From Mobikwik to Freecharge

Now it is really simple to transfer money from your Mobikwik wallet to FreeCharge. With the help of this process, you cannot directly transfer money from Mobikwik to FreeCharge, but you can do it in this way around.

But there is a small problem when you use Mobikwik. You can only transfer Rs.500 exactly. Nothing more than that or nothing less than that. Talking about the charges, they charge 4% commission as transaction fee. You can transfer this Rs.500 only once or max twice a month.

Freecharge Customer Care

So now let us see How to Transfer Money From Mobikwik to Freecharge.

  • The first step is that you need to download the Mobikwik app.
  • Now once you have downloaded the app, you need to login in into your Mobikwik account.
  • Now go to Menu > then click on Transfer > and then you need to click on Send To Bank

4.Once you click on that option, you need to enter the amount and then enter all your bank details such as account number, IFSC code and your account name as well.

  • Now simply click on send money and then you will be receive a OTP to your mobile number.
  • Here is the sample of the OTP which you will be getting.

OTP is sent successfully to your primary number ending in *******270. You should receive SMS within in 60 seconds.

Basically this OTP will be verified automatically or else you can open it from your mobile and then enter it manually. Once it is done, then click on send money.

So now once you click on send your money will be sent via IMPS, it stands for immediate payment service. This service is supported by all the major Indian banks such as SBI, ICICI, AXIS and HDFC as well.

So as soon as your money gets credited into your account you will be receiving a message like this.

Your A/c no XXXXXXX1094 is credited by Rs 500.00 on DD-MM-YY by a/c linked to mobile XXXXXXXXXX (IMPS ref no ..)

Here are a couple of things which you should consider.

  • You are allowed to transfer money from your wallet to bank account only twice a month.
  • Talking about the transactions, you can only transfer 500 per single transaction.

Talking about the total amount which you can transfer, it is Rs.1,000 per month.

  • Talking about the commission, Mobikwik charges 4% for transaction fee. That means you will be charged Rs.20 for Rs.500.

So now you might be wondering I have transferred money to bank but how can I transfer it to FreeCharge?

It is not directly possible to send money from Mobikwik to FreeCharge, so you need to first send the money to your bank account and then you need to add money to your FreeCharge account.

It is as simple as that, you just need to go to FreeCharge account and then click on add money. If you are still having any problem, feel free to contact to FreeCharge Customer Care