Ways To Score 90% Marks In UP Board Exam | Last Minute Strategies

Are you preparing for the UP board exams? Well, they are just around the corner only, so the time has come when you have to work hard and contribute your best efforts. We have come up with outstanding ways to score 90% marks in UP board exam so, there is no need to worry.

Each student needs some effective tips in order to successfully qualify the exam with maximum percentage of marks. Every year, students in Lakhs appear for the UP board examinations but only thousands of them manage to score 90% in the exams. Undoubtedly, very has a dram to score above 90% in exam and this could be possible if you follow the below stated last minute strategies.


Review Selective Notes

While preparing for the board exam, you must have made the classroom and coaching notes. So, make sure of this golden idea by taking help form your notes. Try to focus more on your selective content and topics which are highly important i.e. more chance for the questions to come in exam.

Time Management Is Important

Proper time management is the most important thing while preparing for the exam. Students must plan their exam schedule in such a way that more important part of the subject will be properly covered. The topics that are carrying maximum marks should be given more time as compared to less important topics.

Focus On Your Weak Points

This is the best strategy to consider especially when you are preparing at last minute. If you do not have too much time left for study, then go for quick revision of your notes and try to focus more on that part where you are weak.

Take Help From Audio Or Visual Aids.

For best exam preparation, you can take help from the audio or visual presentation. This will let you remember the subjects for long time period. The most significant thing is that with the help of visual aids, you will tend to learn better and able to quickly grasp all information.

Prepare Last Minute Notes On Flashcards

You can also make notes of the most important topics on the flashcards. It will be very good if you use colored flashcards for preparing the exam. Through the flashcards notes, your learning abilities will be improved. This is an effective strategy for last minute preparation.

Stay Positive

Another essential tip which is highly considered by the UP board exam aspirants is to be positive. Negative thinking can badly affect your exam performance. Stay calm, drink plenty of water and have good sleep before the exam day.

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